The CIRED 2020 Berlin Workshop is online

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  • Hear from world-leading experts and take part in live question and answer sessions
  • Explore CIRED's famous poster tours, including video and audio commentary, and the chance to ask questions to the presenters
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  • Take the CIRED challenge and win points as you move through the conference – with prizes for top attendees!

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  • Integrating new flexibility tools and principles for planning
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  • Flexibility platforms and the role of future DSOs
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  • How can flexibility and customers evolve in the market place?

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Sponsorship opportunities are still available for CIRED 2020 online! The virtual exhibition will connect you directly to the global electricity distribution community.

Your team can be on the stand and talk to individuals and groups in real time, as well as share video content and make information available for download.

Plus lots of branding opportunities throughout the online event.

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